1. HER2抗体,两个优于一个

Two Anti-HER2 Antibodies Better Than One(免费全文)

[评论] HER2疗法——丰富的财富

HER2 Therapy — An Abundance of Riches(免费全文)

2. 三个月利福喷丁和异烟肼治疗潜伏结核感染

Three Months of Rifapentine and Isoniazid for Latent Tuberculosis Infection

[评论] 实用的结核预防性治疗?

Practical Preventive Therapy for Tuberculosis?

3. 阿哌沙班对比依诺肝素用于危重患者的血栓预防

Apixaban versus Enoxaparin for Thromboprophylaxis in Medically Ill Patientse

4. 诺沃克病毒疫苗

Norovirus Vaccine against Experimental Human Norwalk Virus Illness

5. 早期多发性硬化的炎性皮质脱髓鞘

Inflammatory Cortical Demyelination in Early Multiple Sclerosis

[评论] 多发性硬化的炎症——整理灰质

Inflammation in Multiple Sclerosis — Sorting Out the Gray Matter



A Request for Abortion(免费全文)



Genomic Medicine: Genomics of Cardiovascular Disease



Case 37-2011 — A 9-Month-Old Boy with Recurrent Tachypnea and Respiratory Distress


1.  使用新的宫颈癌筛查指南

Making Sense of the New Cervical-Cancer Screening Guidelines

2.  药品短缺——仿制药市场的一个关键挑战


3. 长寿老人的总体预后讨论

Discussing Overall Prognosis with the Very Elderly

4. 了解药品安全——半世纪的演变



1. 颈内动脉夹层和颅神经麻痹 Internal-Carotid-Artery Dissection and Cranial-Nerve Palsies(免费全文)

2. 注射脂肪后失明 Blindness after Fat Injections(免费全文)